Friday, May 7, 2010

Modern Art 2010

Here is a sampling of the screen prints that I showed at Modern Art 2010. They are all 4X6 or 6X4 in size and were designed to be used as post cards or they could be easily framed. I still have some available and am willing to make more of the ones that were sold out, they are just $3 each. I had many questions about creating box sets or screen printing some shirts, if anyone has any special requests I would gladly do them, just let me know, my e-mail is Screen printing opens many doors as far as what surface I can print an image on, anything from mirrors, to glass, rocks, and baby onesies, anything...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Screen Prints

These illustrations are going to be screen printed onto cover weight paper and made into trading card. They will be 5X7 with a pattern on the reverse side and I haven't decided on whether I will include typography. This is being done for an abstract in a hand process class that I am taking. I wanted to focus on how animals' natural habits relate to our workforce and the jobs that we are trained and paid for. 

Magazine Spreads

These spreads were done for an assignment last semester based on a grid created in InDesign. The focus of the spreads had to be related to the "green" movement in some way for a magazine titled, Greenhouse. For my main article, I chose to highlight eco-friendly vehicles and the new innovations being explored in some of the latest models. 

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dealing with Space

So this is obviously an astronaut, if you couldn't tell. It's a spread (two pages) that folds in the middle as part of a promotional booklet that will be available at the Portfolio Show coming up on Thursday. I wanted a design that challenges the way some people deal with space and how to look at an image in a book and why not use an astronaut to help convey this? 

ATTN Poster

This again is some artwork that I'm doing for ATTN. I wanted the appearance of a screen print without actually screen printing and a retro or mod type of feel. I'm looking to incorporate this with some of the other art that I'm doing for the band. 

Gene Harris Jazz Poster

I designed this piece last year for the Gene Harris Jazz Festival. It wasn't chosen for the festival, but it is a piece I enjoy. In my research on Gene Harris, I discovered that he used to play at the Idanha downtown and the background is inspired by that. When printed the background looked like crushed velvet which made people want to touch it. 

Postcards Continued

This is an addition to some previous postcards that I worked on earlier this year. It's 6.5 X 4.5 inches and done in the same manner as my prior ones involving mixed media with the finishing touches completed in Photoshop.